Ryan H. Kotton, M.D., is a world renowned Physiatrist, board-certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation/PM&R with sub-specialization in Pediatric-PM&R.  He is Assistant Professor at UCLA School of Medicine and Cedars-Sinai-Medical-Center where he serves as Medical Director of Pediatric Rehabilitation.  Dr. Kotton leads a multidisciplinary team of expert clinicians providing medical care to patients with complicated neurological and orthopedic injuries/disabilities from around the world.  He implements the state-of-the-art, non-operative interventions for brain/spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, spasticity, and sports injuries.  He is also an expert in neuroplasticity, performing Botox®, neurodiagnostic studies/(EMG/NCS), and life-care-planning.  He offers telemedicine consultation and concierge medicine services.

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